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Build them up don't break them down

I have been working with horses all my life, training, building, rehabbing, and more! My goal is to help you and your equine athlete reach your highest potential in which ever route you would like to go!


About Cheyenne

"The value of small increments"

My name is Cheyenne Rondeaux and  I have been working with horses my entire life! I am a competitive barrel racer who strives for the best in each horse. I have been competing for over seven years in the rodeo world. My passion for animals and the spot for rodeo have grown every day. I have tuned, seasoned, and trained multiple horses for myself and clients and I look forward to help you achieve the best you can get!


My Services

Striving For The Best


Horse Tuning

Does your barrel horse, blow by barrels, have shouldering problems, wont rate, or hunt the barrels? Allow me to help you get to where you wish to be in the Barrel Racing World and more!


Horse Therapy

I am a certified practitioner in rehabilitating equines. From new career ending injuries to weekly sessions I can help you and your equine achieve the physical results you need! My Services include PEMF Therapy, Breathing treatments, and Equine Massage therapy!

"The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately"